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As a module of the complete MICROS Restaurant Enterprise Solution (RES), the Guest Services Solution (GSS) provides restaurants with a single-source, all-in-one guest marketing system that helps you build loyal and repeat customers. Implement a frequent-diner program and track guest preferences to build a loyal following that comes back more often. Sell gift certificates or gift cards and easily track redemption. Use MICROS GSS to bring customers in during off-hours by establishing promotions at certain times of the day or certain days of the week.

GSS is seamlessly integrated into the MICROS 3700 POS system and all other modules of the RES suite.

Key Benefits:

  • Build a guest information database of your loyal customers

  • Set up multiple promotional offers to keep guests coming back

  • Establish times of day or day of week promotions to fill “softer hour” seats with guests

  • Create marketing programs in-house

  • Import guest information from most other programs

  • Configure POS printers for coupon printing

The Guest Services Solution also offers an optional delivery and carry-out solution to streamline the ordering process for your take-away business.

  • Print address and delivery information on the POS guest check

  • Store order details

  • Retrieve delivery information for repeat customers

  • Enter additional “notes”

  • Previous order recall

  • Target delivery time

  • Caller ID functionality​

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